Golden words from Shaikh Zubair Ali Zai

When we declare a narrator as Thiqah (Trustworthy), Truthful or declare a hadith Sahih or Hasan Lizatihi, we do so according to the Usool (Principles) of hadith, trying to avoid mistakes or contradictions, unbiasedly and not to prove ourselves right. Solely to please Allah do we declare a narrator Thiqah, Sudooq or Hasan, or if we say Hadith is authentic. ONE DAY SURELY WE WILL HAVE TO DEPART THIS WORLD AND WILL BE PRESENTED BEFORE ALLAH AND SURELY QUESTIONED.

It’s not that according to our wish we say a hadith is authentic and in another place say its weak.

If someone finds contradictions or mistakes in my research or books THEN BY ALLAH I WILL OPENLY retract my statement and repent. But if what is said is the truth then I will defend it. If people don’t like it then let them do so. Only if Allah is pleased with me then I am successful in both worlds. Oh Allah pardon all my mistakes. Ameen

Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and the true path: the way of ahlul hadith, I am ready to sacrifice myself for them. This is not out of emotions rather this is what my Imaan demands.

Shaikh Zubair Ali Zai (Tahqiqi Islahi or Ilmi muqalat: vol 2 page 259)


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